Mobile Optimization Service

Mobile digital time in the United States exceeds time spent on desktop PCs. 60% of internet access is mostly mobile. If your business website is not mobile optimized, you are losing out on potential customers. Let our mobile optimization service expand your brand’s reach, and give visibility and sales a boost.Mobile optimized blacknboard

Five reasons why your site needs to be optimized for mobile access

  1. Mobile optimized websites improve user experience and satisfaction. They encourage customers to keep returning and contribute to repeat purchases.
  2. As mobile websites can be accessed anywhere, anytime, they significantly increase the opportunity to connect with target audiences.
  3. A mobile website allows you to instantly engage users with mobile-specific features such as mapping functions and click-to-call.
  4. A mobile-optimized website makes site navigation on a tablet or smartphone much easier.
  5. Google has rolled out its algorithm change that will emphasize mobile usability as a ranking factor. If you can deliver a good user experience, your rankings will be positively impacted.

Our mobile optimization service helps you deliver engaging user experiences and gain a good search engine ranking

We start off by first ensuring that your business website renders well on the mobile screen. Speed, content and images are then optimized for the best user experience. Our web designers focus on delivering access to contact information, legible product images, enlarged and clickable links, connectivity with desktop site, maps and directions, and social media integration. We submit your mobile sitemap to search engines, implement a link building strategy and assist with content marketing to help your brand maintain a dynamic web presence.